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Music can empower
individuals and communities.
Theatre is a
force that can unite,
uplift, teach, build
communities, inspire, and heal.

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"I would say that Music Education in our schools should be a must.
When all other things pass away,
music and art are still the things that are remembered.
Music is one of the things, like the ability to laugh,
that has kept mankind going for thousands of years.
Music keeps us sane."

Charles Schultz
November 26, 1922 - February 12, 2000

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Use this program to write your own music on your computer at home. 

I think I should have no other mortal wants, 

if I could always have plenty of music. 

It seems to infuse strength into my limbs

 and ideas into my brain. 

Life seems to go on without effort,

 when I am filled with music. 

- George Eliot

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What is TRI-M 

Honorary Music Society??

Bennett County HS Tri-M Group



An Interview with Mrs. Anne Lyon,

Vocal Director

at Bennett County Schools



"If a child hears good music from the day of birth,

 the child develops sensitivity, discipline

 and endurance as well as a beautiful heart."

--Shinichi Suzuki



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Why Should Our Children

  Be Taught Music?

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