BY Kristin Kiefer and Erin Kocourek

    This interview is with Anne Lyon. She went to college at Chadron State College, for her BS in music education and elementary education, and received her masters at Loyola college in New Orleans for Pastoral Studies.  She has been a teacher at Chadron City Schools, Loneman School, Crazy Horse School, and Bennett County Schools.
    In High School, she accompanied all music groups, was in piano contests, in musicals and in choir. In College, she did choir Eaglairs, jazz band, and contests. She started playing piano when she was 7 and started singing in grade school. Anne has never sang in a group before she just has did school stuff. 
    For community activities she has played in the music ministry at her church, community choir, and she has took performing groups to community events. When she was young she enjoyed Barry Mannilow. Her current music interests are Alicia Keys, Lorie Line who is a Pianist, and a big variety of stuff. We asked her why she sings and she said, “because I enjoy it and because helps me express my feelings inside.” 
    For instruments, she plays guitar, trumpet, recorder, and organ. She would like to learn to play harmonica. We asked Anne why she thinks music is important in out schools and she replied with, “I think everyone needs a basic background in music so that they can enjoy music throughout their lives. I also believe that it goes hand in hand with learning.”
    In music she would like to learn more about how to use different computer related programs, and to teach students how to write music. Her favorite music memory is playing for high school musicals, and her worst music memory is when she fell off of the organ at church. Her strength in music is she has strong keyboard knowledge, and her weakness is how to play and transpose band instruments. Her greatest challenge was to teach band for a year. This concludes our interview with Anne Lyon.